Sunday, September 6, 2009

Memories From the Past - Carnival Cruise 2006

For me, there have been many vacations to remember - some bad, some good. One of my favorite vacation memories was our cruise in 2006. First, let me enlighten you. One of my biggest fears is deep water, large boats that are in deep water and large waves. Now you can only imagine what kind of psyching I had to do to myself in the months leading up to our cruise departure. In the end, I decided not to let my fear rob me of a fun vacation.

If you really want a real vacation I would highly recommend a cruise. For a little over $1000 we had a full week of being "Kings and Queens". Everything you need is on the ship. Meals..any kind of meal you are looking for, are served 24 hours a day and there is no getting in a car to drive around in an unfamiliar area in search of something to eat.

Entertainment and shows are also around the clock. At any given moment you can find something to do, so if you are one of those night owl kind of people you are in luck.

Gosh, I am lusting after another one just thinking about it.....

You would never have to even leave your cabin if you didn't want to. Room service was also 24 hours a day AND everytime you came back to your room from an outing the beds were made and your room was clean. There were also cute little animals made out of towels on the bed. The towel animals were one of Summers favorite things about the cruise.

If you have kids and are the type parents that don't like your kids hanging around, or you just want to enjoy some adult activities like the casino or bar, they also have round the clock child care called Carnival Kids. It was more than just a day care. They actually did activities with the kids all over the boat. Because of Summer's clingy nature she never participated in Carnival kids...I'm sure her fear probably stopped her from having a lot of fun and incidentally probably stopped Toby and I from winning a million dollars from the casino...or maybe stopped us from spending a million dollars...just kidding. :-)

Since I was not yet blogging during the time of our cruise I am adding some picture highlights of our Carnival Cruise 2006...

Ahhh...yes, a perfect vacation and a perfect memory.

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  1. I did a Carnival Cruise several years ago and it was one of my favorite vacations too. Love these pictures. You all look like you are having so much fun.