Sunday, February 21, 2010

Execution Style

I bought a Sunday newspaper today. I hardly ever read the newspaper and rarely watch the evening news unless I am inquiring about the weather. I am just not a news person. I find the news media to be dramatic and mostly only half-true.

The purpose in my Sunday newspaper purchase was for the weekly coupons. I just can't seem to make the couponing thing worth my while. I bought a Sunday paper for $2 and only clipped a couple of coupons. According to my calculations my savings was zilch because by the time I bought the paper and clipped the coupons they didn't add up to much more than what I had bought the paper for.

Anyway, I figured since I had spent my $2 I was going to make use and read the newspaper.

Not much interesting stuff in there. I read about the guy flying his plane into the IRS building in Austin and his reasons for it. You can check it out here if you like. I have no opinion on that one but was a bit intrigued....

There was one thing I saw that sticks out in my mind. There was an article on a lawyer from Texas that has wrote a book on Capital Punishment in Texas. As an inset in the article there was a picture of an execution room...

If you notice in the pic there is a pillow on the execution table. I found it to be very odd there would be a pillow on the table. If you are about to electrocute someone to death why in the world are you going to make them comfortable enough for a pillow????

I have no strong opinions on Capital Punishment - other than I think the Universe balances out right and wrongs and it's not up to us to be the vigilantes - but I did find it odd to have a comforting object like a pillow on the table of someone that was just about to be singed to death....


  1. I believe they use lethal injection in Texas, as opposed to Alabama where they use the electric chair. Still doesn't really explain the pillow. I really have no opinion about death sentences, either. Of course, I haven't received one, yet, either.

  2. It does seem odd. I often wonder how you could eat your last dinner, regardless of whether you get to order what you want. Weird. The older I get the more doubts I have about capitol punishment.

    Thanks for reading along with me! Ha. So what did you think of the Holographic Universe and The Shift?