Monday, February 15, 2010

A Walk in the Park

As you have probably guessed by my lack of posts, I am either uninspired of any idle chit chat or not much has been going on. Both have been true.

Unlike last week, this week the weather was a little chilly but tolerable for outdoor activities. With us being out of town last week it took us two days to make up our errands this week.

Last night I got an e-mail from Angela requesting that we go hiking today. The weather was forecasted to be perfect and Toby and I had already planned on some outdoor activity anyway. No sense in wasting a beautiful day.

Angela...I love her. She is much younger than I am and is in a totally different "season" of life than I, but she is a trooper and inspires me. She is one of the very few people that I know that I can relate to AND she enjoys nature and being outdoors as much as I do.

We started off on the trail with 2 little ones in tow, 2 big kids, and one very extraordinary hubby who is willing to endure all of us females on a two mile hike.

The trail is about a 4 mile loop trail. Since Toby and I had already walked one side of the trail before we decided to start at the other end of the loop trail. Somehow the trail we took was not the loop trail but the neighborhood trail.

We walked through neighborhoods peeking through privacy fences and at barking dogs and swimming pools. We passed by an elementary school full of recessing school kids -I wondered what the girls thought about them being caged behind a fence while they were out walking around freely.....

Because we were not on the loop that we thought we were, we were totally lost. There were so many different paths to take and we were making split decisions as we ventured. We finally decided that if we were ever going to get back to the park we should stop at one of the neighborhood homes and ask directions.

Toby and the older girls volunteered to go knock on a door and ask which way back to the park.

We finally made it back to the park. Despite our mishap of being on the wrong trail we had a good time.

Although I had my camera I was having so much fun walking and enjoying my walking companions that I didn't take but one pic. Here are the older girls and Toby being statues right before we made it back to the park....

As we were walking around I couldn't help but think how blessed I was. A beautiful day with good kids, a great friend, a wonderful husband in a great city. I couldn't ask for anymore than what I received today. :-)

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