Sunday, February 21, 2010

Observing The "Lord Jesus"

It was a beautiful day today....temps in the mid 70's, sun shining brightly. Summer and I took a bike ride to the school park and hung out for awhile. After a little while our tummies started to rumble.

We decided to take a trip up the road to the local Subway. $5 footlongs sounded like a good deal to me.

Even though it was way past lunch time there seemed to be an unusual amount of "traffic" in the Subway. Ahead of us in line was a black family that obviously had just been "released" of their Sunday morning service. It was 1:30p.m.....that was a longer service than I would have liked to have to endure.

Anyway, they were obviously very pumped up about their morning sermon. I eavesdropped on their lively banter as they stood in line in front of me.

They spoke about how wonderful "God" and "Jesus" were. About how "Jesus" would "save" them. About how "God" is wonderful and how "he" "tells" them what they need to do to be "righteous".

The whole time they were "Amening" each other they made sure they were taking time out to holler and curse their many kids that were obviously trying to exert some of their pent up energy from having to sit still in a pew for hours on end.

Watching this family made me realize how the majority of humankind practice religion, yet so few of us practice spirituality....


  1. So true, I have had personal exprience of late with how nasty the church goers can be, they may sit for hours listneing to the 'rules of life,' yet to live in the way of love is something that most can not do. I have found that the way to a spiritual life is to find your way alone, to seek the god within, then it becomes very apparent that god is within every atom that surrounds us....