Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day to Day - Sunday

I finally half-ass got finished with a grocery list and headed off to the grocery store early this morning. I'm grateful that I can shop when I want to and not on a 9 to 5 schedule. The grocery store is bad enough without trying to shop when it's crowded. Early morning is the best choice for me because mornings are when I am most alert.

While I was shopping I got a text from a neighbor from a neighborhood section over (we live in a large subdivision). I don't see her very often or know her all that well and only see her when we do neighborhood clean-ups, but yesterday we got to talking about the creek and the greenbelt. Her house sits right on the front of one of the largest parts of the greenbelt where the creek is located. I told her about my dilemma of trying to find the creek through the overgrown grass.

She offered to lead me through to it from behind her house. I was really excited that someone was willing to go trekking with me. Toby and Summer aren't as keen about wandering the snaky greenbelt in the summer heat as I am.....

Since the grocery store trip had hampered my morning run with Bo, I grabbed him and took him with me.

I was very pleased to find out my neighbor was just as intrigued with the greenbelt area as I am. Matter of fact, she informed me of a lot of the history of the area and the names of some of the vegetation and animals that I had always wondered about. She also told me she has excavated many fossils and found arrowheads and Indian artifacts and even some shark teeth in the creek. Boy, she had my attention!!!

She lead me meandering all through the area for a couple of miles showing me different paths and sites. I'll probably never remember them all but as long as I follow the creek I should be okay.

We came upon what appeared to be an old homestead. We could tell it had been put there next to once the remains of a wet creek. I couldn't help trying to imagine what the life of whoever lived there was like living there on that piece of land in the middle of the prairie.

It was really interesting to find old pottery and bottle pieces laying around. We dug and around in the crumblings a little while until something ran out from underneath the rubble and startled us. Bo almost took my arm off when he tried to dart off after whatever the bolt of lightening was...

There was an owl that kept following us from tree to tree hooting-during the day no was kinda creepy..

We came upon the pond that was bone dry from the drought. It was interesting to be able to see the bottom of the pond without water...

Julie claims that she has found shark teeth and arrowheads along this creek side. One of these days when it gets a little cooler I plan on dragging Toby out here to do some heavy duty artifact hunting....

We trekked around a couple of miles and I could tell Bo was starting to lose strength. Because of his muscular physique he can't take the mid day heat. I didn't think we were going to be so long out there so I didn't come prepared with any drinking water. Luckily Julie brought enough for everyone..including Bo.

I was having so much fun I didn't really notice how hot it was. We headed out and Julie lead us out the way towards the path on my side of the neighborhood. No wonder I couldn't find it..the entrance was completely covered in Johnson Grass.

It was only by luck that none of us were snake bit out there...

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