Friday, July 15, 2011

Day to Day - Tuesday

Today we headed to toob down the Comal River with my family. My dad opted to not toob down the river. I was a little worried about him having to hang out by himself while we toobed, but I really couldn't think of any other alternative for him. He's always been pretty good about entertaining himself and I hoped that today would be no different.

Because of the drought the river was way below level but it still didn't affect the float down. Schlitterbaun is nestled right against the Comal and obviously they were doing some construction that led to the closures of some of the stop-off areas of the float down..which was sort of annoying for anyone needing to take a break or ride the chute down again.

Here are some pics of our day on the Comal...

After we were shuttled back to our origin, I was glad to see dad alive and well patiently waiting on our arrival. We grabbed a bite at a local BBQ place then headed home.

Days like these are always some of my favorite memories....

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  1. Fun. You are such the adventurer!!! I would have sat with your dad and waited. There is a zipline close by our place. You will not see me trussed on that thing flying along on a thin little cable!!!!!