Friday, November 4, 2011


I have a few pet peeves and jeans is one of them. I have two styles. In the summer it's shorts and tank tops. In the winter it's jeans and long t-shirts or flannel shirts. I'm simple and comfort is more important than style in my book.

Since I started running several months ago I have lost 15 lbs. When the weather started to change I never took into account that when I put on my jeans from last year I would need to wear a belt to hold them up - which I don't wear, or go out and buy a couple of new pairs.

Since before this post I have already been jeans shopping twice and it has been a horrid experience both times. I'm thinking that maybe jogging pants just may have to work this year. Hopefully I won't have anywhere nice to go anytime soon...

What's with all the parameters nowadays anyway?? Let's see; we have skinny fit, regular fit, relaxed fit, and boot leg. Then we have midrise, lowrise, and some other rise I can't remember, flare leg, straight leg, oh and the worst of all, STRETCH!!!

Then on top of it all you have all these styles mixed and matched. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! I just want a pair of damned jeans size 8 please!!!

What happened to the day of walking into Wards Army Navy and buying a simple pair of LEVI's jeans???


  1. Wonder if you would like these?? I have some and they are my new favorites!!!!

  2. Since I have not lost 15 lbs .... I am leaning towards pajama jeans. Not really, I would not pay $50 for a pair of stretch pants that look like jeans. My go to pants in the winter are velour jogging pants. Not that I jog. I mop a lot and I like to be comfy .....

  3. Walmart -- I buy regular fit men's jeans, period. I'm sure they have the same for women. They are about $15-16\pr.

  4. Ha! This was exactly what I was thinking as I've spent a couple of hours in the MALL looking for my usual Levis and finding nothing good to purchase over the last couple of weeks. You're right the style/cut/size combinations are entirely too confusing. I just happened to check Target while in there for my groceries last week and decided to try on the pair I saw...and they were perfect. Who knew!?

  5. Yep, it is all too much!
    Same here when jeans buying, just get back to making jeans will you!