Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

No cooking for me today. My oven died last Thanksgiving Day and I have not bothered to resurrect it yet. I try not to use my oven in the warmer months (which is most of the year) because it heats up the house, but I do like to have it in the couple of cold months we do have to help keep the house warm and smell those yummy comfort foods wafting from it.

I guess you could say that even though I miss having my oven at times, having it is obviously not high on my priority list...

Lucas was not able to make it for the holiday so I decided we would go eat at Cracker Barrel and see a movie afterwards.

We got to Cracker Barrel early to beat the crowds and was lucky enough not to have to wait. We were immediately seated and didn't have to wait long to be served our traditional Thanksgiving dish of Turkey and Dressing with all the fixings.

We decided on Puss 'N Boots for our movie. I'm not a big T.V. or movie fan and would much rather have my nose stuck in a book or surfing the net, but for the sake of family togetherness I endured the hour and a half long movie.

The movie was in 3D and I had never personally watched a movie in 3D before. I have to say that I think I was more intrigued with the effects the 3D glasses gave the movie than the movie itself. All in all, it wasn't torture.

Even though I missed having my son, the day was rather pleasant and relaxed.

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  1. Had a six pound beef tenderloin (two small ones tied butt to end), pan seared and then put in the oven in the same pan to finish.....very rare. Smashed potatoes, and delicata squash dish, salad. Made a mushroom/red wine/cognac sauce from the meat pan drippings. Eight of us ate the whole thing. Desert was three different pies: apple, pumpkin, and chess; each with whipped cream. And the red wine flowed.