Saturday, June 20, 2015

Buildings and Empty Nest

Yesterday Toby and I were looking for a little something "fun" to do. Since Skye doesn't like to join us on our daily outings much anymore, we chose something close to home. Even though she is old and mature enough to be left home alone, I won't feel totally comfortable going out of town and leaving her until she has a mode of transportation.

Thursday is free admittance day at the Blanton Museum of Art downtown so we headed there. After we toured the museum, we walked around downtown.

As we walked, our conversation gravitated toward sharing memories of Skye when she was younger and the different things she used to enjoy doing while we were downtown. Ironically, we looked forward to the day we could go off by ourselves and do things as husband and wife. Now, we talk about how much fun it used to be when Skye was with us enjoying our activities as a family. Toby asked me if I thought we would get "Empty Nest Syndrome" when she was gone. I thought to myself that it seemed like we already are experiencing it on some level.

All that said, you can't re-create memories. If she would have been with us today she would have been complaining about walking in the heat or being hungry or "tired".

Mostly, I took pictures of buildings on our walk......

Last night's sunset....

I love the Christmas season, so for me,  it's not too early to whip up a couple of angel ornaments...

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