Friday, June 19, 2015

Salty Mama

Due to some unfortunate financial events that manifested over the past several weeks, I have been what Skye calls "salty", feeling disconnected, broke, financially insecure and, well,....just bitchy about my circumstances.

Finally, I did manage to pull myself out of my pity party parade by focusing on what I DO have instead of what I don't have, you know, the make lemonade out of lemons mentality.

There have been a few highlights in our life though. Recently Toby was sought out by a talent scout for a couple of art shows. The first one was a small one held at a local venue downtown. I rarely look "decent" so I always like to get a picture of my better know, a little makeup, hair brushed, clothing other than athletic shorts and T's......

A few of my old standbys....sunsets and Bo..

And a little crochet here and there in my spare time.....

I really love how this hot pad turned out, but it took some time to make and was sort of a pain in the butt. If I were ever to sell it I could never make what I put into it.

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  1. LOVE this hot pad! It is difficult to make what you put into it, that's for sure!