Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Upper Bull Creek...Again

You may remember my post on Upper Bull Creek here a couple of weeks ago. Last week Toby and I had tried to go back but the roads were closed due to the the flood waters.

Today Skye and I met up with some friends there. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day just the perfect weather for dipping into some crisp, cold creek water.

Thanks to Jennifer, who met up with us, I also found out there was another section of the creek that Toby and I did not explore the last time we were there.

Such a peaceful place it was as we walked down the middle of the creek listening to the sound of the rushing water and watching the fish and turtles swirl around us.....

Skye and Jordan had a good time swinging on the rope swing.....

I was really wishing Toby had been able to join us. Barring no emergencies or drastic change in plans, I think we will head back there tomorrow.

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  1. It was so FUN! I want to go again definitely.