Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blessings In Disguise

Several weeks ago our HOA hired a company to come in and clear the firebreak behind our homes.

What this means is they came in and cleared a six foot wide clearing from our fences into the greenbelt so that if there were a fire the firetrucks would be able to drive back there.

Since the greenbelt is directly behind our home it was quite stressful for me to watch. There were a few large trees that rested against our fence they took down. One of them provided  a good bit of shade for our yard. Another was beautiful and although I know it wasn't, reminded me of a Weeping Willow. The other was a large Cottonwood that sounded like lite rain when the wind blew through it. I always looked forward to listening to it while I lounged in my pool.

Me being the nature girl I am, I was mad, sad, and very disappointed they had taken my nature "friends" away. Too boot, they just tractor shoved them all in a pile right behind my fence so that I had to witness their life force wither away.

Even though I kept it inside and tried not to let it show, it really bothered me. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, so I emotionally sucked it up and moved on.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love to capture my backyard sunsets. Recently, I noticed since the large tree behind my fence was taken down I now have a couple of more vantage points for sunset pics...

On a different note, today I got a wild hair and took to some sewing on my machine. I have a table (I know this piece of furniture has a proper name, but it slips my brain at the moment) that I store bedding, pillows and the air bed in for guests that don't mind sleeping in ghetto style accommodations.

I decided to make some curtains to hide the storage. They didn't take me long to whip up and I enjoyed playing on my machine for a change...

I also finished up a scarf I got a hankering to crochet a few days ago. I guess I am gearing up for my favorite season...fall...

The other night Toby brought me home a bouquet of pretty flowers. No special reason or occasion, he just does it from time to time because he knows I enjoy pretty flowers to brighten up the house....

The other day I left out to run some errands and this Texas lizard was on my front porch. We have a ton of them in the yard. They live in the trees in bushes in the front yard. They usually run like hell when you walk out. They are fast too! But this one just stood there and watched me a long time. He even stayed there long enough for me to get my phone out and take a pic of him....

He had his eye on me
Tonight is the Perseid meteor shower. I hope to get a glimpse of a nice sized meteor.

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