Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thinking Back

This evening Lucas gave me a surprise phone call. It's been awhile since we have personally spoke so I was really excited to hear from him. We chatted and caught each other up on our daily happenings.

We (he) brought up the subject of having children one day and I immediately went into my usual children 'cramp your style' and ruin any scrap of freedom speech I do with anyone who will listen.

After I boldly voiced my motherly opinion to my sweet son, I immediately realized the err of my way. Just because I experienced child rearing as one of the most challenging, emotional responsibilities doled out to mankind doesn't mean everyone experiences it the same way. And, my goodness, I said this to my own sweet flesh and blood!

The minute those regrettable words rolled off my tongue, what I said next just as easily rolled off.

I told him although child rearing will bring test and stress to even the strongest relationships, they also bring some of the best family memories.

When I think back on my lifetime, the memories that highlight my thoughts the most come from the memories and experiences I shared - and still do share - with my kids. They are what gives my daily life and existence meaning and importance.


This morning Toby and I had to run a small errand near Walnut Creek so we decided to combo and give Bo his morning walk there.

We took a shaded, less traveled area of Walnut to avoid the multitude of other hikers with free roaming dogs. It was an enjoyable, brisk walk. Thanks to the shade, I barely broke a sweat.

After our walk, we did a couple of errands and grabbed an early lunch before Toby had to head in to the shop.

It was an enjoyable morning walk.

Not many flowers bloom in the dry Central Texas summers

Lots of shady areas on this portion of the trail

Not much rain lately so the intense heat cracks the ground

Nice new boardwalk on this end of the trail
It was a nice morning to start the day off.

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