Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cooling Off

Although we've had some 100+ temps the past couple of weeks, it hasn't stopped Toby and I from enjoying outdoor activities. With the abundant rain that spring brought, our creeks have remained full enough to cool off when the sweat starts rolling down our faces.

Today we hiked a different portion of Bull Creek than we did a few weeks ago. We've hiked this area before, but it was several years ago so we didn't remember too much of it.

We only hiked a little over three miles because we spent more time than usual hanging out in the creek. We didn't take Bo along to distract us from taking our time and enjoying ourselves.

Walking along the creek kept us cooler

I have a heart-shaped leaf addiction lately

This was our first "swimming hole" we came upon

This is a small little cave. Toby was brave enough to look in it, but not me!

More leaves....maybe I love them so because fall is my favorite season.

As we walked farther down the trail we came upon the "in" swimming spots. We typically avoid these areas because we like to find our own little private spots to hang out. We did agree we would come back to these spots once summer break is over and everyone is busying themselves with other obligations.

After we cooled off here, we moseyed on down the creek bed. More people, but not near as many as what Barton Creek can attract in the summer months....

As much fun as we were having, I finally decided it was time to head back to the car. It was nearing Austin's peak traffic hour which I avoid like the plague. If you live anywhere near Austin, you can understand and empathize...

Once we got back to the creek area closest to the parking lot, we noticed the area was cleared of people, which is very unusual for this particular area.

I just figured we got lucky and Toby and I hung out and cooled off once again before getting into our car. Some guy in a Texas style truck drove up and asked us if we were with the "crew". I was tired and hot and let Toby get stuck in conversation with him while I headed to the car.

Walking to the parking area,  there were several people with technical looking equipment, a shade tent and "movie" looking equipment set up. To get to the parking lot I had to walk straight through their set up. I half heart-idly apologized and they in turn gave me an annoyed look.

As I passed through, one of the set people looked at my soaking wet attire and replied in a surprised voice.."People swim down there?" I informed her that yes, people do swim down there and there were many, many areas to swim "down there".

I walked away wondering if she was just a very uninformed Austinite or if she was merely not from around here. From the looks of her, I made the mental assumption she was not a very outdoorsy kind of chick.

Today was one of the most enjoyable days I've had thus far. Most likely because it didn't involve being responsible for balky teens or animals.

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