Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bright Ideas and New Beginnings

I get a lot of bright ideas, but few come to fruition. I usually end up deciding it's not such a bright idea after all, or realize the idea is too far-fetched to be attainable.

Moving to Austin 8 years ago was one of my "bright ideas" that I managed to convince Toby jump on board with. For the most part it has worked out. And what I mean by for the most part is I didn't really obtain an Austin address as planned. I got stuck 3 miles outside the city limits of Austin in a podunk town that inhabits all the Austin wanna-be stragglers and old timers (those who can't afford the Austin address) and up until recently, courtesy of a 12 mile drive to the nearest major grocery store.

Don't get me wrong, I have grown to love certain aspects of small town living. Hearing the coyotes howl on a quite summer evening, cows mooing in the distance, skies so free from ambient light you can see the Milky Way, plenty of nature to walk around practically at my back door, and my personal favorite, the awesome sunsets.

I also had expectations of Skye being part of a  homeschool community with endless participation, activity and friendships with kids with the same educational backround. It never worked out that way. Austin is such a large city and the groups are so splintered we had a hard time finding our place. Regretfully, in all our effort we never did and most likely never will before she ventures off on her own. As it's said, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

The upside is we did make friends with many different people so we have not been totally devoid of activity and friendship. And we also are pretty good at utilizing all there is to do in Central Texas so bored has never been a word that fit into our vocabulary.

I guess my point is things really didn't totally work out they way I had envisioned them which leads me to my next big question:

What are Toby and I going to do with the rest of our days as Skye moves quickly into adulthood and begins her own life adventure?

In the recent months, things have started to feel like a burden to me...keeping up with the yard, that damn pool, home maintenance, cleaning and maintaining a whole house that we only dwell in a small portion of, outrageous utilities, the tattoo shop, etc.

I feel change.

I can feel myself shifting into a different mentality and preparing for the next stage in my life.

Well, this time my bright idea is Toby and I live out some time in a travel trailer. It will enable us to be more mobile and free to visit family, do a little traveling around and also pick and choose areas we would like to eventually plant ourselves.

"Stuff" is no problem for us. 99% of the stuff we have serves no useful purpose anyway. It's just stuff that fills up the rooms of the house. Neither one of us are materialistic types and could easily live a simplistic lifestyle with bare essentials.

I hope this time my bright idea is closer to the vision I have in my mind and we don't end up penniless and homeless.

I still have plenty of time to research and plan.  A woman has the prerogative to change her mind.

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