Sunday, September 6, 2015

Crocheting For Charity

Crocheting has been a part of my mental therapy the past couple of years, and in those years I have managed to accumulate quite a few projects.

I have given away a few things, but some items I have not found homes for. I still have a large basket full of miscellaneous crochet creations that sit staring at me taking up space.

I didn't want to add to my collection of useless crochet items any more so I quit crocheting for a few weeks.

I felt lost without being able to get lost in my needle so I decided to go in search of crochet charities that would be in need of my crocheted pieces. I had attempted this once before, and you would think this would be a fairly easy task, but I was having a hard time finding a local charity without too many restrictions and nit pick rules

Although not local, I finally came across a couple that will suffice.

These are my latest projects.

Cancer caps....

This an idea I came across just today. Prayer cloths. Although I'm not religious or prone to prayer --- I believe things work out the way they are meant to happen and no amount of begging or pleading to the invisible being in the sky can change the outcome. Those rare times I have ever felt the need to pray was more to summon up the strength within myself to handle the situation that was dealt to me. That said, I know that praying is an important part of healing and comfort for most humans, especially in difficult times....

With each stitch I made into these cloths, I put as much positive energy and love as I could. They are not to be made when I'm not feeling "good".

Since I just came upon these today, I have not found a charity home for them yet. I am hoping our local Dell Children's Hospital may appreciate them.

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