Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pecan Street Festival

Skye requested a trip downtown for the Pecan Street Festival, so that was our destination for the day. Me? I don't really care much for outdoor money spending events disguised as festivals, and when I do I prefer to be one of the street bar patrons consuming a cold beverage while people watching. That said, I'm always up for a trip downtown no matter what form it takes.

As much as I love downtown, I absolutely abhor driving down there ESPECIALLY when there's an event. Luckily, Toby took the liberty to take some time off at the shop to join (and drive) us.

A little secret about me. I'm a total control freak where driving is concerned. If I'm not the driver of anything other than public transportation (which I'm a big fan of, I might add), I'm a basket case and total side seat driver. I'm one of those people who presses on invisible breaks and constantly points out potential careless drivers to watch out for.  I believe I inherited this attribute from my mother.

For whatever reason, I decided to let Skye sit in the front seat with Toby while I climbed in back and ate my granola bar breakfast. I believe a part of me thought sitting in the back would prevent me from getting over obsessed with being a side seat driver. Instead, the combination of wolfing down my granola bar, the stop and go effect of interstate traffic and my paranoia of being totally out of control in back seat got me feeling extremely nauseous. It got so bad at one point I was eyeballing my backseat grocery reusable bag stash....just in case.

I was relieved to be able to get out of the car and gather myself back into a mentally functioning human.

I didn't take many pictures. Taking pictures of vendors didn't really appeal to me, but I did get a few for memories sake....

Here Toby is giving some cash to a homeless guy. Living in a larger city we come in contact with many homeless people and panhandlers on a daily basis. The majority beg for a handout in a self-entitled manner. This old guy stood by us at the crossing with his grocery basket on a mission of collecting cans without ever asking for a dime from strangers around him. He was working for his money. No matter how insignificant his payout would be, he earned it. Toby knows what that's like. He respected. He gave.

My firefly....

When I got home I took some time to finish a baby blanket I'm making for some faithful customers who will be bringing a baby boy into the world soon....

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