Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Lucas!

We got up and out of the house at an earlier than usual time this morning. We were headed to Waterville, a place that I have taken Lucas for his birthday since he was about the age of 3. I think we have only missed a couple of years of going in all of his 19 years. He has always looked forward to it but I can tell with age it's not near the excitement that it was when he was younger. I think Summer had a alot more fun with his birthday present than he did. We still had a good time. When we got home we sang Happy Birtday while he blowed out the candle on his strawberry cheescake...his request. He does'nt look like he enjoys being sang to does he?

Later he and Toby went to see the movie Transformers. Summer and I opted to stay home......we can barely sit still through a movie of our choice, much less a boy flick. When they got back both of them seemed very satisfied with the movie. It's been a long couple of days and I'm ready for some R&R!

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