Monday, July 30, 2007


Not much today but errands. I was looking forward to a quite evening at home with the family, but about 3:00p.m Toby's boss called and said there was a tattoo waiting for him at work if he wanted to come in and take it. In Toby's line of business you gotta take it while the takin is good, so off he went to the shop. In a couple of hours he was back and we proceeded with our quite evening. He had been home no longer than 15 min. when another call came in......his boss again. There was another tattoo for the takin and "did he want it?" Now this time he was a little more hesitant because he had just got home. We talked it over, and since this next tattoo would be a good bit more money than the last one, we decided it was worth his time and effort. His last couple of weeks had been slow so we were grateful for the customers.....even though I was beginning to feel like a doctor's wife.

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