Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Homeschool field trip

Before I post anything to this blog I'm letting everyone know that I have already posted my homeschool field trip blog but somehow lost it when I was messing around with how to position my pics. It's really strange because I can see the post but can't seem to find it when I go to edit it...and when Toby goes into my blog he can't see the post at all. So anyway, here goes again......

Today was our homeschool field trip to the Estuarium. We had gone with full intention of having a picnic and the beach afterwards but the weather did not cooperate. Even so, Toby and I decided to take our picnic to the east end of the beach and have our picnic in the car overlooking the water. It was really a beautiful sight to see the lighting and the storm clouds over the horizon. Sometimes it's nice to see the beach in another light. Having lived on the water all my life, I know that when we move away our beaches and waterways are going to be one of the things that I will miss the most.

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  1. Then don't move away! Come See me! Summer looks so purrty!