Sunday, July 22, 2007

The last few days.....

have been filled with mostly swim time. We have had the pool for 3 years now and even though Summer and Toby have gotten use out of it, I have never been really that interested in swimming in it. To me, the whole purpose of a pool is to bask in the sun on a air mattress. Well, our yard is mostly shaded and laying on an air mattress in a 14" pool with a cannon ball jumping six year old is not my idea of relaxation. Just recently though, I have discovered that our pool can be a really good source of excercise. My favorite excercise is walking, but due to 100 mph traffic and 100 degree temps walking has not been at the top of my list of things to do. Even so, I like to throw in at least a little exercise each day...just because it makes me feel better, not because it makes me lose any weight in this over 40 gut I have going on. So Toby gave me the idea of pool excercise. Without going into detail there are a few excercises that can be done in a small pool that can really work your muscles and your heart to pumping...not to mention playing Summer's "shark game" which makes you chase her around the pool. You keep cool, work in playtime with Summer and reap the benefits of excercise. What else could you ask for in an excercise program?? I can save walking for the spring and fall months. I hibernate in the winter so there need not be any excercise progam there. :-)

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