Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whew! What a week

It has been a BUSY week! Because I don't have alot a family around at one time I never realized how tiring it can be when everyone is together for a couple of weeks. Even though we were having a great time I am exhausted. Megan ended up staying with us a couple of days so that kept Summer entertained but it still kept me on my toes with fetching and cleaning. I think that is the longest I have ever seen Summer tolerate another human being without turning into a demon. Megan is 11 years old and very compliant and easy to get along with so that helped her case and also Summer is used to relating to older kids because of Lucas. We gathered at my dads house last night for the farewell party and to say our goodbye's. My brother hates public emotional displays so I always save my tears until after his departure.....every year I hate saying goodbye to him. I was really surprised when on the way home Summer began to cry so I asked her what was wrong . She told me she was going to miss Megan......she was even entertaining the idea of moving to Viet Nam to be with Megan (no way baby girl) . I was surprised because it was the first time I have ever witnessed Summer crying over anyone but me or Toby. Megan obviously made a very good impression upon Summer!

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