Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Last Tribute to My Neighbors

I would not usually post something like this on a blog site, but since I really would like a personal record of my "old neighborhood" and I don't want to take up too much time looking for somewhere else to post it is.

I vote my neighborhood as being the most unique place I have ever lived and I believe it needs a personal tribute.

Neighbor #1-next door: Self proclaimed christian man with a wife and two teenage daughters that has lost some of his christianity due to noisy, obnoxious, drug selling neighbors. He also makes a mean batch of homemade boiled peanuts and has always shared the finished products with us...yummy.

Neighbor #2- across the street: The first time I ever met this man I was pregnant with Summer and he came knocking at my door offering an apple....drunk. Ever since then he has made periodic stops at our house to borrow money, ask for us to take him to the liquor store because he is too drunk to drive, or just stop by conveniently when Toby's not home to make conversation with me...always making sure to ask me if Toby get's jealous of "us" . Yeah, right!

Neighbor #3- directly across the street: This was the first neighbor I met when I moved in. I thought she was coming across the street to introduce herself, but she was actually coming threatening to call the police on me. Seems my dogs had found a way out of their new home and obviously this woman was not an animal or people lover. She has not spoke a word to me since that day for this small infraction.

Last but not least...Neighbor #4 - way to close next door: These would have to be my favorite ones of all. They are very loud, trashy, live off the system, AND deal drugs on the corner and on the street in front of my house...not to mention the cops are at their house every weekend.

Here is a pic of them selling some of their "specialties" in front of my house.

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