Friday, December 21, 2007

Moving Update

The past week has been non-stop. After unloading the Uhaul, I realized that even though I had done some major spring cleaning before we moved....I hadn't done nearly enough as I should have. I took us 1 1/2 days to unload the Uhaul, all the while I'm looking at most the stuff saying "Why in the world did I bring that and that etc."

Our realtor has been really good to us. I don't think we could have managed without her help. After a few days of being here we finally found a stable place to stay. We didn't want to rent a house or apartment because we are wanting to buy a home and we don't want utilities tapping our credit report and lowering our FICO we didn't want to have to unload all our stuff again just to have to move it again.

Toby has a job but hasn't started yet because of the Christmas....matter of fact it's been really hard trying to buy a home during the holidays!

After searching a couple of days, we finally found a home we like. It's on the outskirts of Austin in a city called Manor. We have found that you can get alot more house for your money when you buy outside the city of Austin. Manor is akin to Saraland from Mobile.

As small as our little temporary home is, we have not killed each other yet. I guess because we keep on the road most of the time. If I ever am able to drive in the city, it will be a miracle. Toby is already driving just like the Austinites. He said if he didn't, we would get ran over.

I have decided to wait and do Christmas for Summer after Christmas. There is no way I can go shopping on my own yet. I would get lost or get in a wreck. We have been driving around to so many places that I can't even get my bearing straight yet....but I will eventually.

It's been so long since we have done "school" that Summer was asking for it last night. We went to the storage facility today and grabbed her school books. Summer and I both are missing our schedule and our routine. Once we find a home we will be able to settle in better.

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