Monday, December 10, 2007

Litttle Tid Bits

With us making such a dramatic move in our lives we have been trying to collect as much income as we can. Toby had gone back to his old job and worked a couple of weeks and I had felt a little guilty not having any way to contribute. I tried to think of ways to earn a little extra income without a whole lot of trouble or taking myself away from the house.

Well my chance came last week when I got a call from a survey company. They claimed I would get paid $100 to give them my opinion on certain radio stations and the music they played. Though at first I was skeptical, with further questioning it seemed to be legit.

It was the easiest $100 I ever made. I spent a total of 3 hours giving my opinion on music. Unfortunately this was a randon thing and I just got "lucky".

On a more sad note, because of our move, I had to find a home for one of my dogs. You never really know just how something like that will affect you until it's done. We adopted Andre as an adult dog from a couple that could not keep him, so the attachment to him was not that intense.....or so we thought.

In the Christian High School that I went to we were taught that animals did not have souls or emotions and therefore do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I remember this sparking a really big debate amongst my animal loving classmates. I'm not so sure about the soul but after what happened the other day I can definitely tell you that animals have feelings/emotions.

Andre immediately knew something was up. When the nice family that came to adopt him came into the house he immediately greeted he does with everybody that walks in the door. We sat there a while and chit-chated about Andre's bathroom, eating, tricks, and other habits.

When the time came for him to leave I swear he knew everything that was going on. He came up and jumped up in my lap and practically clung to me with his paws. It was like prying a kid off of you when it's time to walk in the kindergarten door. Finally, the little boy took him from my arms and he turned and looked back at me with the most sad eyes I have ever seen. It took every ounce of my being not to emotionally break down in front of this very nice homeschool family that I have never met.

After that experience I can say for sure that animals are living beings just as we are with the same emotions and feelings. Even so, I feel he is in a good home and will live out the rest of his days with alot of activity and love.

In the end I couldn't help think what message this gave to my 6 year old. Does she think now that she is expendable? Does she think that we will get rid of her if we see it necessary? What about animal responsibility?

When you have decisions like that to make I guess you always will just make your choice and hope that it's the right one.....and pray it doesn't come back and bite you on your ass one day.

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