Sunday, March 21, 2010


I look around me daily and see people with chaotic lives. Their homes, their daily lives, and their relationship with their family members and kids are laced with unorganization, drama, upset, stress, depression, and etc.

I can spot a chaotic life a mile off because I used to own one of those lives also. Thankfully, in my older age, through alot of good literature and alot of soul searching I have managed to accomplish a full, joyful, and free life...for the most part.

Slowly I began to gently row my boat down the stream. If you listen to the words of this childhood song you should get an "ah hah" moment.

I also made a few adjustments. In my opinion, simplicity is the key to a joyful spirit.

Here I am making a list of the things that I have come to discover make a simple life:

Get rid of everything that you don't use on a regular basis. There is no need to keep stuff around just because you may need it one day...that's attachment. Also if you have kids, keep toys to a minimum. Kids can make "toys" out of anything and the less toys they have the less they can pull out and make a mess with.

This includes all forms on sentimental objects e.g. stuff kids have made for you, vacation souvenirs, kids artwork. If you are not displaying it dispose of it. These days with computer technology you can scan artwork and keep it on disc or frame it and hang it on the wall.

♥ Don't hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself or your life after you have been with them. If someone makes you feel tired or cranky after you have been with them, ditch them. I don't care if they are your mother. You want to be with people that lift you up, not pull you down.

♥ Don't have a ton of kids unless you REALLY like kids. Having kids because you want to feel loved or you think that's just what you are suppose to do because everyone else is doing it can only backfire and cause isolation, grief, and a slew of other side effects. If you just have to have kids, one child can fulfill you just as well as two or more can. As cute as babies are they sometimes don't end up being the bowl of cherries they were when they were infants...not to mention unless you have a really involved father (rare) you run the risk of spreading yourself thin and carrying the brunt of responsibility.

♥ Don't feel obligated or manipulated into doing a favor for someone unless you have time and really don't mind doing the favor. Folks won't like you any less or more if you are their doormat...they'll just take advantage of you if they can. Steer clear of user's if you are spineless.

♥ Always go with your heart. Never let fear dominate your decisions and NEVER let yourself become to comfortable for change. Change is good and allows you to explore your spirituality.

♥ Do you really need those financial extras?? How about cable?? Do you really watch T.V. all that much?? If you watch T.V. enough to warrant the cost of cable or satellite then you might want to think about spending more time outdoors in nature or doing family activities. How about that over-rated prestigious car?? What kind of car would you drive if you were the only one on the face of the earth and there were no other people to view what kind of car you were driving?? Would you still pay a fortune for that car that impresses???

♥ If you really hate your job that bad, get rid of it. Most the comments I see on FB are of people looking forward to the weekend or dreading going back to work on Monday morning. If your job is not enjoyable then it's a good chance it's not your calling. After all, you spend a large percentage of your time at work. Who wants to be miserable most of the time?????

♥ Every morning you wake up attempt to make your loved ones happy...not at the expense of yourself though. If EVERY person on the face of this Earth would wake every morning with the intention of making someone elses day EVERYONE would be happy for that one day.

♥ would be amazed at how much thought has to do with the outcome of your life. Negative thoughts tend to dominate and run rampant if not kept in check. Become aware of what you are thinking. Are you focused on your aches and pains or your ungrateful kids, or your suck job?? The more you focus on these negative thoughts the more you draw them to you. Remember thoughts become things..choose the good ones.

These are just a few of the many things that have helped me simplify my life. The less you have the more you have. The more you give the more you get. And the more you live the longer you exist....


  1. Wonderful post, full of inspiration and truth, bless your heart for sharing it with us.

  2. If I were the only person on earth I would drive a different car every day... but I am especially fond of the Yugo! Aauuuga!

  3. Wow! What have YOU been reading lately???!!! That was a very inspiring post. And somewhat topical for me. Thanks!