Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Typical Tuesday

Today was our periodic playdate at the Children's Museum...and our visit to the local muffler shop to have a $175 new muffler put on Toby's 4-Runner. State vehicle inspections are a bitch for people who drive older model vehicles.

We had some time to pass before we had to pick up his truck from the muffler shop so we ventured along the strip searching for something interesting to do. It was lunchtime so the first stop we made was to a very eccentric looking restaurant.

The restaurant had a fun and intriguing atmosphere typical of Austin, but the food will not be missed.

After we ate we trekked on down to a museum we had passed earlier. Unfortunately it was only open on the weekends but I did get a pic of a few odd looking structures on the outside of the building...

Attached on the other side of the museum building was a place called Planet K Gifts. Well let me tell you folks there were some "gifts" in there allright. :-) It's a good thing Toby and I liberated parents. Summer learned everything she needed to know about sex toys and drug paraphernalia in the 5 minutes that we were in this "gift shop" None of the workers even blinked an eye or gave us any warning when we walked through the door with her either. I think they were all high. :-)

There was also a post office attached to this same building. It was a odd combination in my opinion...a museum, a head shop, and a post office. All I can say is "That's Austin for ya.".

By far, this was my oddest pic of the day. As we were leaving the odd building and heading out to our car I spotted this odd colored squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel this particular color before. I guess he has been hanging around the strange building for so long that he also became strange. :-)

$175 later we picked up the truck and headed to the mechanic shop to get his inspection sticker and an estimate for my car a/c. I was very disappointed in my car a/c estimate. I was imagining at least $400-$500, but when Toby told me they gave him a $1200 estimate I thought he was joking. $1200!!! My car is not even worth $1200! So far my future for this Summer is looking very, very hot...

We had our monthly 4-H meeting to top our night off. By 8:30p.m I was glad to sit down and relax. Whew!! What a day.

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  1. What a crazy place, thanks for sharing. How wonderful it is that we can share each others moments in such an special way..