Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Cork boards, Bulletin Boards, Pin Boards, Message Boards...whatever you choose to call them, most people have one.

The other day I looked up at mine which hangs on the wall above my computer desk and observed everything I had pinned on it...which isn't much.  I would say that a bulletin board can tell a good bit about a person. On our boards are most likely things that are important to us...special dates, coupons, important reminders, pictures, phone numbers, etc.

For example, on my bulletin board I have and inspirational message to myself:


Then there is a California Grapes bookmark that I found in Toby's old stuff. I have no idea why it is on my board other than I could think of no other place to put it and didn't think it warranted the garbage can.

Next, I have a list of all things that are recyclable at the local recycling center. Quite honestly I don't do much recycling because I have very limited space to store recyclables until they can be taken to the center. The list only proves that recycling is important to me on some level.

I also have tacked a  list of unimportant passwords that I pin only because they are a pain in the ass to retrieve when I need them on those rare occasions.

Then there is my other little inspirational pin about attracting money:

1. Think more thoughts of in a day of abundance than lack of money.
2. Be happy now, without the money.
3. Be truly grateful for everything you have now.
4. Give the best of yourself.

Hmmmm....I can't really say too much about this one other than the facts.  We as a family adhere to these rules religiously and though we are very, very  far from being what one would call financially rich, we don't struggle financially to make ends meet. Matter of fact, we pay our debts easily and even during this whole 'economic crisis' hoopla we have not wavered...granted a little extra cash for some luxurious type items would be nice. :-)

Speaking of luxurious items, I have a magazine cutout of an RV on my board. An RV is at the top of my list for luxury items. An RV would be my rolling hotel room. I can visualize myself exploring Central Texas in an RV. No pet fees, no searching for a hotel that allows pets, and camping would be all the more alluring in both mine and Summer's eyes. Yes, an RV definitely.

This next one is kinda weird. This excerpt comes from my brothers blog from a few..maybe even several years ago.  For whatever reason it resonated with me enough that I copied and printed it...

Today is my last day of work. I greet it with mixed emotions but all in all it is a good day. Change is that little something that keeps the spices in life. I find it humorous that most people tend to fall into a routine - or rather a rut, in my opinion- that they fight to keep for as long as possible. Perhaps it is the fear of failure or losing what we currently have. Of course, when you are at the bottom of the heap, you figure there is nowhere to go but up...just make sure you are at the bottom of the heap before you take on that life philosophy. There is nothing worse than thinking you are on the bottom rung only to find there are new lows out there that you never explored before.

Wow! Is that not powerful?

Lastly is my neighbors phone number...not sure why I have it on my board other than I think I tacked it up there when they went out of town for Christmas last year and asked me to call them if anything went awry with their home while they were away.

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