Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Holidays are usually pretty lonely business for Summer and I. Toby works most holidays except for Christmas day so we were really excited about Halloween falling on his usual day off this year.

That and the fact that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays we were excited about making this one extra special. I have to say that it was a success.

Toby usually does the pumpkin carving with Summer's assistance. This year she did the eyes and the nose all by herself...

Thanks to Pinterest I made a yummy batch of pumpkin seeds. Between the three of us they didn't last long at all!!

Toby and I also dressed up this year. Toby has dressed up in prior years but this is the first time I threw on a disguise myself.  My goal was not to be cute but to be able to trick or treat with Summer with my identity as an adult disguised. Pretending to be a kid was the most fun I have had in a very long time...

Summer was an alien this year. In the past several months she has taken an interest in aliens and has even suggested we take a trip to Roswell, New Mexico...and of course I never turn down the idea of a good ole' road trip...

After we got home from trick or treating we enjoyed  hanging out with our neighbors and handing out candy (and scaring) the stragglers. In my memory bucket this Halloween will go down as one of my favorites....

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  1. Loved the costumes, and I think I would have enjoyed playing the kid again too. Stupid how we are suppose to never revert to spontaneous behaviour once we 'grow' up!
    Think Summer's idea for a alien inspired road trip is an excellent theme, I don't believe we are the only ones in this vast universe, and, I feel that truth of Roswell has not been told.
    Loved that pumpkin too, well craved Summer and Toby.