Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday Hanging with Friends

Saturday my closest friend Robin invited me and Summer (Toby was at work) over to her house for the best brisket Texas has to offer - made special by her hubby Dave - and some socialization. Robin's mom was in town and Lauren, her daughter was also there with her newborn. Cute little guy I had to admit.....

Perfect host and hostesses that they are, Robin and Dave filled me up with great conversation, booze and food. Summer was kept occupied entertaining Jake, Robin's dog who had been temporarily banned from inside the house while baby Dominik was there, feeding horses, goats chickens, and shooting the BB gun with Jeff, Robin's grown son....oh, and of course and endless supply of cokes, food, and pie and ice cream to keep her motivated.

We had a really good time. The next day, even my homebody Summer exclaimed how much fun it had been to hang out with friends all day. I had to agree it was a nice change in our abnormally boring routine that we have as of late.

Here is a pic Dave took of me and Robin. We have been friends a few years and I believe this is the first pic we have of the two of us together. When we are out and about together people always ask us if we are sisters. I'm not sure if they question our relationship because of our easy banter with each other or the slight resemblance we share....

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