Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Hair and The Dog

In light of the haircut fiasco of the past year I was hoping (and certainly would have prayed if I believed that sort of thing produced results) that Summer would lose interest in the super short boy hairdo eventually. No such luck, so I cringe and take her the stylest who cringes as much as I do.

I agree to her requests only because (1) I remember what it was like to want to experiment with a style, whether it be clothing or hair, and have my mother sneer and criticize in hopes that her apparent distaste would sway my decisions and (2) I certainly don't want my control of her choice of hairstyle to morph into something worse as she in an act of rebellion...let's say a Mohawk or something worse than that. Good Lord, I can't even entertain those thoughts...

Anyway, I force myself to focus on all her many positive qualities that far outweigh the hair issue. The kid is loving and helpful as she can be to me. She's always willing to lend a helping hand and consoles me with hugs and kisses if I am disappointed about something or even if I am feeling down.

She is respectful of curfews and asks permission to do things she is unsure of.  So the hair thing...I choose to suck it up and put on my big girl panties and let her be HER...SUMMMER.

So, on a second note, I was giving Bo a walk around the block this evening just as the school kids were getting off of the bus.

I noticed that as they walked toward their homes they would kick at the fences and antagonize the dogs that were barking at them. One of them even picked up stick and jabbed it through the fence at the dogs.

No wonder dogs attack humans. Idiots are everywhere in all shapes and sizes...

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