Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quilts and...Quilts

Yeh, I'm like that...wishy washy. I went from my tote bag obsession back to building quilts again.

I love the idea of taking something (discarded fabric) and transforming into something that can give comfort and love and be loved by the receiver. I know, I'm weird. I've been told numerous times and I can read your minds anyway.

My creations are very amateur so I don't feel comfortable selling them - right now- but I love the idea of giving them to friends, family, those in need, those who would appreciate them, and I even came across this site,  Quilts for Kids one day while surfing the net. No, I don't like kids in general but I do know that kids appreciate the comfort of a quilt or blanket..or at least mine always have.

It all boils down to the fact that I love the relaxation and creative outlet that sewing on a machine gives me no matter how bad or good I am at it. So for now, that's what I do.

Here are my latest....

I was so pleased with this one! This one is almost perfect with very little flaw to it. I constructed it from 2 thrift store pillowcases and some scrap I had...

I even machine quilted this one...first time ever I machine quilted
Although this quilt is totally finished now, these pics are of the unfinished quilt.


I got the idea for the colors on this one when I saw a quilt online with contrasting colors of yellow and black and thought how pretty it was. This one is made from a discarded dress and gingham curtains. I'm actually still in the process of working on this one...

Because my quilts are made from upcycled fabric, I sometimes have to wait until I find the right fabric to go with a piece I am working on...therefore I usually have more than one quilt top that I work on at a time.

Here is another quilt top waiting on a finish job. This one is BRIGHT is it not?!!!  I love bold colors so I really like this one made from vintage fabric found at a garage sale in Corpus Christi last summer and discarded fabric at the Blue Hanger Goodwill...

Well, that's all for now. Gotta get to quilting!!

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