Sunday, September 15, 2013

How's It Going?

When we first revealed the news to our friends and family that Toby was quitting his job as a  tattoo artist at one of the most successful, established tattoo shops in Austin to open up his own shop we got a few sideways glances ranging from the fake smiles and forced good lucks laced with the underlying look of fear on their faces to outright verbal warnings and disapproval.

Equally, we also got a lot of ada boys and I Wish I had the nerve to follow my heart.

From the beginning, no matter what reaction we got, we've had support from all our friends and family whether they agreed with our endeavor or not. Speaking for myself only, that has been the single most important thing for me. It's nice to know we have people that will stand beside us, offer a helping hand, and cheer us on no matter how crazy they think we are.

Now that we are slowly edging our way out of our 2nd month of opening I frequently get asked  'How's the new business going?' I'm pretty sure most people are more curious than anything. I understand that. Somebody taking life changing risks is always intriguing to the more playin' it safe brand of onlookers.

So here's the lowdown in the most honest fashion I can give it...

From the beginning the whole process has flowed quite nicely thanks to good friends, random synchronicities, instinctive decisions we both made together, and a bit of good luck along the way.

Despite this, from the very beginning of the idea being presented to me, my stomach stayed in knots. My thoughts were in a constant state of fear and uncertainty about my future...OUR little family's future. Somber sleep was interrupted with nightmares of failure and demise. My daily thoughts revolved around what we were going to do when this whole insane idea came crashing down on us. Outwardly I forced a smile and faked positivity. Inside I was falling apart.

Toby never once wavered. He worked diligently building the business details and ignored my frantic scenarios of doom and gloom for our family. This only made me love him more. I needed a soft place to fall and he was it.

One day I finally got sick of feeling sick and scared. I forced myself into the reality of the whole situation and decided that if I kept focusing on negativity and failure that it definitely wasn't going to work. I also felt like I was beginning to bring Toby's morale down with my constant worry and negativity. I didn't want to be 'that wife" I had already given the OK for the whole idea, I HAD to follow through without losing my mind. There was no turning back and I think that's what scared me the most.

I gathered myself and started taking part in the business as a partner that had invested interest instead of the scared little wife harping about our perceived doomed future.

We started out slow with only Toby's loyal clientele, a promotional deal with Central Texas Harley Davidson, and recommendations form people Toby had worked with on THE BLING JOHNSON SHOW.

We are now getting more walk-ins and locals every day. GRIDLOCK TATTOO's name and  reputation is slowly but surely spreading. I now can see our business growing and progressing. If you care to, click here to LIKE our FB page and keep up with what goes on with the shop.

So, How are we doing? We are doing good. We managed to start the business up with very little debt and we are now better off financially than we were before we started the business.

That said, building a business takes time and energy. We don't have as much time to do "fun stuff" as we used to. Free time is usually consumed with 'business talk' and business errands.

As the business grows our goal is to add another artist to help free up Toby's time. All in due time.

I also see my husband with new eyes. I'm impressed to the point of tears.

As for now, my fears have subsided and I have become accustomed to our new routine as business owners. I don't regret saying YES!

Toby hard at work.....

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