Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crochet For Cancer

In November twelve years ago my mom passed after a 5 year battle with cancer. She was only 60 years young old. At the time I didn't think 60 was young but now that I am quickly approaching 60 - in just 10 more years....I'm convinced how true it is that time flies the older you get. And like, the older you get the faster it goes.

As each year of my life passes quickly by I appreciate and understand more and more the things my mom did for us kids. Sometimes I get a thorn in my ass and mentally dig up past hurts and disappointments and wallow in them, but I'm pretty sure my mom mothered based on the knowledge and experience she had at the time. My only regret is that she didn't stick around long enough for me to grow and mature into an understanding of  her as a person instead of just my mom

Anyway, this post isn't really about my mom so I'll move on.

I've really been enjoying my crocheting and thought maybe I could share my some of my creations with a meaningful charity. I came across the idea of crocheting chemo caps for cancer patients on Pinterest and immediately the idea piqued my interest. After all, my mom was bald for awhile during chemo treatments. I even remember her having a little fun by jumping out behind doors and scaring us with her bald head....before she started getting sick from the treatments anyway.

I've already made three caps.....

Toby was having a good ole time modeling for me one evening.....

I  really felt good about this project until I delved a little deeper into the guidelines. They understandably have strict rules about pet hair, perfumes, and germs.

First off, not only is my whole house covered in pet hair but I also have a shedding issue. My hair falls out in wads. My pet also likes to roost nearby while I crochet which only adds to the hair issue.

It's also recommended you do not wash the chemo caps so there goes the idea of trying to wash hair and germs out of the caps.

Now I'm paranoid and feel like I'd need to be in a sterile room to crochet chemo caps. I certainly don't want to make anyone sicker than what they already are. *sigh*

Maybe I'll figure something out. Maybe not. I tried.

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