Saturday, April 12, 2014

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This week was spent catching up on the "to do list". I have a hotel booked for a couple of days in Ft. Worth next week and I wanted to make sure all loose ends were tied before we left.

I'm pretty excited about our first mini vacation of the year. I have a Texas bucket list and the Ft. Worth Stockyards is one I have been lusting after for awhile, mostly because I've heard older kids enjoy the stockyard. The older Skye gets the harder it is to find trips that are interesting to her.

In my downtime I've been crocheting my cousin baby stuff. As I crochet these little items I'm always very thankful that someone other than myself is bearing the burden of being pregnant and raising small children. I'm left with only the joy of gift giving. :-)

You can't have a Texas baby without some Crochet Cowboy Boots.

I also worked on this crochet "lovey" for a couple of days. The instructions my opinion....fucked up. I ripped out and restarted more times than I care to mention and still couldn't comprehend the instructions. I finally improvised the best I could and surrendered to defeat....

I'm suppose to be a bunny
This damn bunny is the kind of project that makes me question my crochet skills. As you have probably guessed I'm still a little pissed at that damn bunny.

As much as I have bitched about this spring being on average colder than usual, I am enjoying the fact that it's still cool enough in the mornings that hubby is able to join me on my morning runs (he bikes). I'm a little over obsessed with the nearby park lately. It's just so beautiful and tranquil there in the mornings. Medicine for the soul....

My baby loves being free dog

This picture reminds me of those pictures we used to draw as kids with the sun in the corner of the page.

I also love the sunsets in the spring and summer months.....

Pool WAYYYY  cold yet....

Until next time....

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