Friday, April 4, 2014

Walking Pease Park

This week we had to make a trip downtown for some supplies so I figured we could squeeze in a short hike on one of the downtown trails. I'm way overdue for some meaningful hiking but I figured something was better than nothing.

Because of the abundant wildlife and dogs on the downtown trails we opted to leave Bo at home. We did take him to for his walk at the local park before we went so he didn't really miss out on anything...but chasing squirrels, of course.

By the time we walked Bo and ran a couple of small but time consuming business tasks the clock was ticking away. I'm a focused and organized person. When I'm on a mission I don't like to stray from my destination. Unfortunately, Toby is not like that so we end up wasting precious time.

By the time we made it to the Shoal Creek Greenbelt trail at Pease Park I was a bit 'out of the mood'. It was already almost noon and my breakfast smoothie was close to being long gone. I also was a bit annoyed with myself that I had not perused the online trail map thoroughly before we left so that I would know the best route to take and that we wouldn't be just randomly walking around.

After all, given our time allotment (and my growling stomach) I wanted our hike to be much shorter than the 5 mile trail along Shoal Creek.

We ended up just walking randomly along the trail for about a mile or so. The portion of the trail we walked wasn't much to look at but there were a couple of cool spots along the way...

After our hike we ate a quite lunch at Baby A's. That was nice.

On the subject of crocheting, I was looking for a small project to work on. One of the very first projects my aunt taught me to crochet was a toilet seat cover. A couple of weeks ago I had ran across a pattern for one on Pinterest that looked a lot like the one I had made back in the 70's.

I must have dreamed it up because my search for it led me to nowhere. I searched again and couldn't find the original pattern so I found another one I liked. It's nothing like the one I wanted to make but it turned out nicely anyway....even if the instructions were really iffy on it.

I put it in our spare bathroom because it has very little potty poo traffic......

This morning I finally got to hang out with my friend Robin thrifting at the Blue Hanger. Both of us have had an influx of family obligations that have turned our weekly thrift store trip into a once in a blue moon.

I swear, once I got out of the house and was driving to meet her at Blue I felt like I had just broke out of prison. I hate the feeling of feeling trapped and I have felt a little more than trapped lately. My morning was good for my soul and should tide me over for a bit anyway.

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