Friday, May 1, 2015

11 Mile Loop

Last Wednesday we woke up to a beautiful day. I had suggested that maybe we take a bike ride after our 2 mile morning power walk with Bo.

I wanted somewhere conveniently close and a route that we were familiar with so we chose the hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake formerly known as Town Lake.

We have rode parts of the trail before but never the whole 11 mile loop around the trail. Although my butt was beginning to ache toward the last 2 miles it was an easy and enjoyable ride with changing scenery along the way.

I was kicking myself because I had walked out of the house without my phone. I reasoned that at least I would be more focused on my ride than taking pictures.

Toby took it upon himself to take a few for me along the way.....

In Austin nothing is off limits. This guy was playing bagpipes while walking the trail.

It was an enjoyable ride.

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