Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Upper Bull Creek - St. Edward's Park

My plan for the day was to take a bike ride, but after our very hot and humid morning walk with Bo, Toby and I decided that something near a water source would be more appropriate.

We've had enough rainfall lately that we knew the creeks would be rushing freely and abundantly. We opted for a trail at upper Bull Creek at St. Edward's Park. We had been to this trail several years ago but didn't get to explore it much.

The terrain was beautiful and peaceful. The trail paths were lined with colorful wildflowers and there were Texas Spotted Whiptail Lizards darting from one side of the trail to the other with each step we took....

It wasn't a far walk down the trail before we reached the creek. The water was frigid but satisfyingly refreshing...

We headed down the creek toward the sound of the falls. ABSOLUTELY beautiful. The most relaxing sound in the world....

After hanging out at the falls for awhile, we headed on down the trail and came across a few more small falls and rapids....

A family of turtles sunning on a log

"Mama and Daddy" had a nice day away from the "kids", and our day to day responsibilities but most of all I walked away feeling forever grateful to live in a place so full of awesomeness...

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  1. Hey just checking to make sure y'all didn't wash away. Nine of the state parks I hiked in last month are closed due to flooding today! It's just surreal seeing the coverage from Wimberley.

    1. We are alive and well, thank you!