Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Creek Flows

This morning Toby and I ventured out to take Bo "swimming" at Bull Creek. He loves water and also loves to "fish". A couple of years ago he discovered he could dunk his head under the water and catch the small fish he saw swimming around at the bottom. I was pretty impressed because I didn't even know a dog could/would go underwater much less be able to hold his breath.

We were slightly annoyed when we got to the entrance of the creek and the road was closed due to the flood waters especially since we had looked up road closures before we left and it was listed as open.

Bo was already in the back about to have an excitement hissy because he knew from experience that he was about to have fun so we headed on down the road to Barton Creek in hopes that we could get to it.

The trail head gate was closed with a sign that said TRAIL CLOSED, but we aren't ones to let negative signs hold us back so we squeezed through the gate anyway. We weren't the only ones that ignored the closed gate so I felt a little safer in numbers. We've seen the creek enough bone dry that we didn't want to miss out on seeing it with this much water flowing through it.

We didn't really get to walk far down the trail because parts of it were underwater. That's okay, we at least got far enough where we could witness the flowing creek at Twin Falls.

We didn't stay long because it was very humid and we couldn't get in the water anyway. Here is another short video of Bo trying to navigate the rushing creek...

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