Tuesday, May 26, 2015

After The Storm

Yesterday we had a long day of bad weather. Flooding, thunder, lightening, wind and tornado warnings. Mother Nature didn't hold back . It went on for a few hours.

Skye spent most her day camping out in the the "cubby" area of our walk in closet. She has an extreme fear of bad weather. I'm not exagerating when I say extreme. Shaking like a chihuahua is the best way to describe it.

I'm not exactly sure where this fear comes from. Some fears are learned from our parents or other family members. For example, my extreme fear of cockroaches most likely comes from witnessing my mother freak out on them when I was a child hence, learning that cockroaches are scary and bad creatures...and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Since she was a small child she has feared the loud noises that a storm brings. Toby and I both grew up in the deep south where storms, bad weather and an occasional hurricane are a common occurance so we have never made a big deal out of weather. Her fears seem to be an inborn thing. If there really is a such thing as past lives or reincarnation I can only assume she perished in the hands of a deadly storm in a prior life.

I guess Mother Nature was trying to make up for her bad mood and gifted us with a beautiful sky and clouds after the storm moved out...

More rain is expected in the coming weeks. I just hope it lets us dry out a bit before the next bucket is dumped on us.


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  2. That is an interesting point you brought up about Skye's fear of thunderstorms.
    I actually enjoyed the storm for some reason because I knew we were nice and sheltered. Rain and thunderstorms always make me feel so peaceful. The clouds looked so cool after the storm ended though! Everyone was posting about it.