Saturday, August 4, 2007

Party Day

We got to spend some time with part of the "ol' homeschool gang" today. It was Devin's son Kol's B-day and we were invited to the party. I wouldn't have otherwise wanted to be out of the house at 9:30a.m. to be at a b-day party by 10:00a.m, but since it was with people that I enjoy their company it made it worthwhile. Summer had a great time playing on the water slide and I had a good time chit-chatting with adult females........something I havn't done in a long time. And of course, it looked like Kol was having a good time too! After the party we went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. Up until recently she had been living with my dad and his wife. Even though my dad is still very active for his 70 years old, taking care of my mentally/physically ailing 89 year old gradmother was getting to be too much for him. Anyway, that's a whole other blog. Summer and I arrived at the nursing home and my grandmother and about 5 other old folks were standing at the door ready to pounce out like it was the day after Thanksgiving sales. None of them had their minds so it was like being around a bunch of grown kids. Summer doesn't mind my grandmother because she is used to her "mental instabilities", but when you have 5 old ladies pawing all over you in awe it could be a bit daunting for a 6 year old. She took it in stride though and used her "homeschool" manners. After we left my grandmother we did our usual errands. By the time we got home both of us were glad to see the house. We relaxed playing games, watching T.V. and reading the rest of the night.

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  1. I know what you mean about needing some adult time! I miss chatting with y'all! I can't believe Kol's another year older!