Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Field Trip

I woke up early this morning and it was such a beautiful day! I did my usual morning routine before Summer got up....check my e-mail, read a little, eat breakfast. By the the time Summer got up around 9:00, she ate a little breakfast and we headed outside to the pool. I decided that it was a much nicer day to swim in the pool (physical education) than to be stuck inside doing schoolwork. While Toby and I were lounging in the pool and Summer was "excercising" we were trying to plan our day. I remembered about the 5 Rivers Delta that Summer and I had visited for Earth Day back in April. They had a really cool small informative museum that Summer and I had really enjoyed. Toby was not able to attend with us at the time so we took him to visit. I figured it was educational enough to be considered school and interesting enough to be fun. Here are a couple of photos.

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