Friday, August 31, 2007


Today was one of the few days that we did not leave the house. It was like one of those dreams where everything was just moving in slow motion. For one thing, I cooked breakfast this morning, which I don't usually do. Toby loves bacon and since it was his birthday I had bought a pack of bacon to cook for him for his birthday. Since we were out of town for his birthday the bacon didn't get cooked until this morning. I think I hate to cook bacon more than any food out there. It greases, smokes, and stinks the kitchen up for days and it takes forever to cook....not to mention what it probably does for our arteries. After breakfast we took a cold dip in the pool. You can tell the temps have cooled down a little because the pool was FREEZING! After our swim I made us all lunch and by that time it was time for Lucas and Toby to be at work. Later on in the afternoon a friend showed up with her son and we socialized for a little while. Although Summer seemed fine all day I noticed that as the evening wore on she seemed a little lethargic.....rare for her. I felt her forhead and it was the dreaded fever. On the upside of this, I had just checked out a couple of books that I rented from the library the other day that I will be able to read uninterrupted while she sleeps off the fever. :-)

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