Friday, August 10, 2007

Heat Wave

Needless to say the past few days have been spent mostly in the pool. I love hot weather, but the temps around here lately have been suffocating. Even my very active outside loving little girl has been spending most of her time occupying herself inside when we're not in the pool. We managed to go to our homeschool open house on Wed. and I picked up some pretty cool homeschool magazines and alot of info on some stuff that will be going on for homeschoolers this year.......although I havn't signed up for any of it because we don't plan on being in Mobile for too much longer. We are finally in a financial position that we can move and we have decided to stay here until the beginning of next year unless something we can't pass up comes along. I want to make sure that my son is in school and settled.......he doesn't plan on moving with us.

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