Monday, August 13, 2007

What Meteor Shower?????

As homeschoolers you always grab any chance you can for a hands on experience. Last night was one of those chances. We had heard that there was going to be a really good meteor shower with the chance to see several meteors per hour. Originally we had planned to camp at one of our favorite camping spots out of the city limits where you can really skywatch.....but the thoughts of trying to sleep in a sleeping bag in 95 degreee weather with outrageous humidity did not appeal to any of us. So, really not wanting to miss the sky show we decided if we could drive to the school where the sky is really open that we could maybe get a glimpse of at least one of these spectacular rocks. We parked on the service road that runs down the side of the school and just right off the main road and grabbed our picnic blanket out of the trunk, spread it out in the school yard on the grass, layed down, and looked up. I had a really good laugh when I thought about what a cop might think of this when he saw us. Here we are in the middle of the ghetto in the schoolyard laying on a blanket watching for meteors which, by the way, we never saw thanks to the overcast and extra moisture floating around in the air. Oh well, nice try anyway!

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