Sunday, June 22, 2008

Downtown Sunday

Toby had a meeting that he had to attend at the tattoo shop today. Summer and I tagged along because we figured the meeting wouldn't take long and we could just hang out on 6th Street. There were a couple of places near the shop that I still have not managed to check out.

When the meeting began Summer and I walked down 6th Street and passed some time in some shops along the route. I decided that I wanted to check out the Convention/Welcome Center so we walked back up the street the opposite way. This heat is not exactly downtown walking weather so we decided that we were going to grab us some jamba juice (like Smoothie King) for the walk.

About the time we reached to Convention Center Toby called and told us his meeting was over....figures. So we headed back to the shop to grab him so he wouldn't miss out on walking around in the heat downtown. On the way back to the shop I spotted 2 parks that I had never seen before and a museum. I really wanted to go into the museum but I guess I will have to save that for another day.

Anyway, after we picked up Toby we took off on our walking tour. We grabbed some Jamba Juice and continued down Congress Ave. We spotted the Art Museum and noticed that it just happened to be FREE Family Day. We went inside and they were doing activities with the kids. Summer got to do a scavenger hunt and make a paper balloon.

After the art museum we got hungry. We decided to try out a new Mexican Restaurant that was recommended to us by a co-worker at the tattoo shop. It turned out to be pretty good food. It was close to the taste of Mobile's Mexican but not quite as good. We will put it on our list of favorites here though.

It was a nice relaxing day. :-)

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