Saturday, June 21, 2008


Okay, I know I haven't posted on my brother's visit yet, but it is coming soon. My brother took a good bit of pics with his camera and he loaded them up on my desktop. For some reason I can't seem to upload them into my blog. The blog just would not seem the same without any pics soon as I can get Toby to help me figure out the problem I will post on my brother Buddy's visit.

In the meantime we took a visit to the famous "Schlitterbaun Waterpark" in New Braunfels. It has been voted the best waterpark in the world. New Braunfels is about 45 minutes from us and a very easy drive, mostly interstate.

The only waterpark I have ever been to is "Waterville" in Gulf Shores. I have taken Lucas to Waterville almost every year since he was about 3 yo. I am not a big fan of waterparks, but Waterville was always a manageable and enjoyable waterpark and we always had a good time every year we went.

Schlitterbaun's waterpark is comparible to a Disney World in waterpark version. For the same price you pay at Waterville you get Disney World! We only saw a small portion of the whole waterpark. It was overwhelmingly too big. Don't get me wrong we had a really good time but you would need a good 2 or 3 days to do everything they had to do there.

It did manage to rain after about 2 hours of our being there. We haven't seen any rain around here in 2 months. It was nice to see the rain but unfortunately it cooled things off too much. There was not enough humidity to keep it steamy after the rain. Summer and I had to spend most of our time in the "hot tub" pools after the rain.

Schlitterbaun was really wierd too. It seemed to be in the middle of an old neighborhood. There was even a hospital a block from the waterpark. Unfortunatley I did not feel comfortable carrying my digital camera around with me and I did not think about bringing a waterproof with me until I was there so I don't have any pics.

Anyway, the place was too crowded. Being the non-people person I am this was a little daunting. By the time you found a parking place and stood in literally a half mile long line you had taken up much of your "playtime". Not to mention again that the place was so big that we only covered 1/4 of the park.

Sometimes bigger is not always better in my opinion.

This whole end of the world is overwhelming. On the way to the waterpark I saw several attractions advertised on billboard. I haven't even seen everything there is to see in Austin yet! I feel like a kid in a candy store here. :-)

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