Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Surprise Play Day

Today was not a car day for Summer and I so we spent most of our day playing games, drawing, and watching educational T.V....that is up until about 2:30 p.m.

Earlier in the day Summer and I had spotted some teenagers walking around door to door. I didn't really think much about it and thought they were probably out advertising Vacation Bible School. A little later they were ringing our doorbell.

Even though I never really enjoyed church I always enjoyed Vacation Bible School and have been thinking about finding one nearby for Summer to enjoy. Churches are not as abundant here as they are in the "Bible Belt" so I haven't really been solicited here for VBS.

Anyway, come to find out they were from a church and weren't advertising VBS but a Water Play Day at the Elementary School up the road offering a water slide, water games and refreshments. It was a little short notice because it was going to be starting at 3:00 p.m It was a good thing it was in walking distance since we did not have the car.

Thank goodness my neighbor came home with her kids about the time Summer and I were about to walk to the school. We all jumped in her car and took the kids up there to enjoy the activity.

These "church people" were from Arkansas. I asked a few questions about their "mission" because they seemed so tame compared to some of the "church people" I had encountered in Alabama. Seems they were there to help a church that was trying to build in Manor and just wanted to offer some reprieve from the heat to the area children.

I was very impressed. They seemed to be here to offer and not to recruit. They didn't even ask me if I had a church home or if I new Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior blah, blah, blah, etc. I usually tell people that ask me these sort of questions that I am a buddhist and that usually keeps them at bay for some reason or another.....

The only question they asked me was if there was anything they needed to pray for me for. I told them that I hoped not. :-)

For any of my good friends or family that read this, remember that it is not "God" that I have anything against, only pushy, close-minded, cultish, self-righteous people. But I guess if you really know me that well you will know that. :-)

Anyway, A good time was had by the kids. They came home and swam in our pool for a little while longer. There is nothing else to do in this heat but swim or get wet in some way or another.

By the way, if anyone wants to read my post on my brother's visit just click on the "Family Affair" in the archives. I don't know why it posted out of order.


  1. I'm totally with ya on the door-to-door Jesus salespeople! I can do without the sales pitch and the judgmentalism, thank you! I'm sure they mean well, but my concept of Christianity is so different than theirs that they prolly wouldn't want me in their fold anyway. A little less talk and a little more action would be nice!

  2. I completely understand you here....as I type this, I am getting ready for my first church visit in years...my heart is in the right place and I truly hope that all goes well :) I have found it so hard to deal with the same close-mindedness you talked about....and like Jennifer, less talk and more action is what it's all about...not a recruitment for some sort of club. I have the personal relationship in perfect order, it's just the social end that I have problems with. I've been burned so many times in this Bible Belt...I hope this time will be different...for my kids' sake! VBS is starting in 2 weeks for us and the kids always love it...and I always stay to observe :)

    Hope you get a little break from the heat...even if it means dark, dreary, rainy days....I guess it refreshes us just a bit...