Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Play Day

We had our weekly playdate with our homeschool friends today. The humidity is not bad here so we are still able to do park days during the Summer. The constant breeze also helps out with the heat.

Today Angela and I did discuss several different things we could do during our weekly get togethers so as the kids and us don't get bored of parks.

Angela has a little one also so we have to work around the baby's nap schedule. We have to work really hard for our get togethers between her 15 month old and my car issues.

Since Angela had to get the baby home for a nap after park time I decided to surprise Summer with a trip to Chuckee Cheese. I hate the place but she loves it and I really didn't want to go straight home after the park.

Unfortunately I left the map that I intended on bringing for security at the house in my scurry to make it to playdate on time. Maps are my life force here and I was definitely going into a VERY unfamiliar area. I told Summmer I was having to rely only on my memory as to how to get to the rat's place so no promises were being made that we would arrive there.

I must say that the thoughts of trying to find my way around blind was giving me a little bit of an upset stomach but I am proud to say that we made it to Chuckee Cheese WITHOUT a map.

I was very impressed with the Chuckee Cheese. It was nothing like the ghetto one in Mobile. It was alot larger and cleaner and even though school was out it was not overrun with hoodlums. Matter of fact I haven't even noticed that school is out. Where are all the children in the Summer here???

The whole time we were there I was a little preoccupied with how we would make it back home. You never go back the same way you came in this "neck of the woods". While Summer was playing games I asked a couple of different people how I would get to I-35 South. It seems everyone I asked had a different answer which made me really nervous.

In the end I followed the directions of the first respondent because she seemed the most confident in her answer. Fortunately, hers was the correct answer and we were homebound.

Here are some pictures of Summer and Jordan at the park:

Here they are on the baby swings.....for some reason or another.

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