Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Being raised in the Bible belt sort of gave me a bad taste in my mouth as far as religion goes. I was also raised by a mother who was very religion/church centered. Don't get me wrong, I do believe there may be some sort of higher being that controls this whole universe.......what it or he/she is I can't really say I know, nor do I believe anyone else actually really knows. We all have a tendency to believe what we were taught to believe, no questions asked for fear of the "hell place". In my opinion a BELIEF is not a KNOWING. God is the biggest mystery in life.

So, in raising my kids I never wanted to indoctrinate them with someone else's idea of what God is or even what it/he/she wanted. They were never forced to go to church. They could go if they chose and I would even go with them if they wanted. Any discussion about "God" was/is always analytical if anything. I wanted to make sure that my children formed their OWN idea about what God was...if they wish to believe in a God at all.

My idea was to let my children form their own opinions in ALL aspects of life. Well, last night out of the blue Summer came bearing a picture she drew of "GOD". I was pleased to see her perception of God was a female. :-)

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  1. I LOVE Summer's God picture! It's nice to see God smiling as well...Sometimes I wonder if or why God would smile. I think children have a better grasp of what or who God is than adults. Our excess baggage gets in the way!

    On a side note, Archie appreciates God's wearing a blue dress because he says blue is his favourite colour!